Monday, May 21, 2018

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Electric Superbike Going Faster Than 150mph!

I recently came over an article where Jeremy Cleland drove at an average of more than 150mph  (241,4Km/h) over two miles (3,22Km) on an electric bike named “The Mission One”. Now that’s what I call progress! According to the article (link at bottom of post) the 240 Volt powered bike beat 70% of all the […]

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Team Agni wins first el-bike race on Isle of Man

Team Agni won the first inaugural TTXGP, a race for electric motorcycles, thanks to for the picture. This is kinda old news since the race was in June, but hey, it’s still interesting! Indian based Team Agni won the very first electric motorcycle race, TTXGP, that I wrote about in a previous post (click […]

Cool Bikes

EV-o RR – A fully electric Motorcycle

Evo Design Solutions has designed an electric motorcycle. The EV-o RR has two (yes two!) electric engines and is going to compete in the world’s first clean emission carbon free grand prix, the TTXGP, on Isle of Man in June. Evo Design Solutions has previously designed grand-prix motorcycles and race cars for Le Mans so […]

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