Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Let the good times roll

New Tires

My Dunlop D404’s wore out and I’ve replaced them with Metzeler Me880 Marathon tires last week. The Dunlop stock tires lasted me 16.277KM… but I probably should have changed them earlier. Looking forward to seeing how the new tires perform. They give out a weird whining noise on wet roads, but are very silent on […]

Modifications , Safety

Converting PSI into BAR

Tire pressure tends to be something I have to read up on every now and then. I got myself a new set of tires today and it’s crucial to get to know how much air pressure there should be in them as they are a different brand than the stock tires that came with the […]

How To Do Stuff

Original Battery

Spring is in the air in Norway and the motorcycles are back on the road! I bought myself a new battery today. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I suck at taking care of my battery over winter… The original that came with my VN900 was a YUASA YTX12-BS battery (12V, […]

Motorcycle problems

My tire pressure gauge arrived!

I ordered a solar powered digital tire pressure gauge a couple of weeks ago from Hong Kong… It doesn’t need batteries and has a built-in tool to measure tire-depth and a fancy red flashlight(!). Since I work with computers all day I simply love gadgets, so combining this with tools for my motorcycle is especially […]



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