Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Let the good times roll

Shark: RSI-carbon helmets

Shark has released a new helmet series called “RSI-carbon”. The helmet manufacturer are building their new series on the old RSR2-carbon series. The helmet scores 4 stars in the Sharp test (same as the Shark Evoline mentioned in a post last year). The old RSR2-carbon series gets 5 stars in the Sharp test, mind you. […]

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Shark Evoline Series 2

I just got a newsletter from Shark. They’re launching their new Evoline series, appropriately called “Shark Evoline Series 2”. I have the original Evoline (read about that in this previous post) and I’m happy with it, but what’s new with this one? From the brochure it looks like they’ve upgraded the visor and the sun […]


Behold… the Shark Evoline Helmet

I chose my helmet last year, it’s a Shark Evoline. It was quite hard to get hold of one and you had to pre-order them several months in advance, but I’m sure it’s going to be easier to find one this year. The main advantage of this helmet is that it’s both a half-helmet and […]



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