Monday, February 18, 2019

Let the good times roll


Suleskarvegen in Norway

Well I know where I’m going this summer… [youtube=]    


Hardangerfjord – Day 3

Friday 30th of July 2010     Waking up in the morning I know I have a long drive home and a hard day at work the day after… There was one more thing I had to stop and see though; on my way to Hardanger, just before the city of Odda, I had driven past a […]


Preikestolen, Norway

Me in front of Preikestolen with my tiny Kawasaki Vulcan 750! Preikestolen is said to be the result of icebergs melting about 10.000 years ago. It’s a famous Norwegian tourist attraction and more than 130.000 tourists visit this cliff every year. Me and my girlfriend took the trip, for the first time,  last Friday. I […]


Sunday Trip to Evje

Me next to Per Morten’s Honda CBR 600F, boy is that different to mine! :) The weather was perfect last Sunday, not taking the bike out for a spin would be a shame! I was called up by an old friend from school and we hit the road together. He’s a proud owner of a […]

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Norway to Holland – Day 1

Sunday 27th of July 2008 I had 3 weeks off work and I intended on using most of that time on two wheels! My girlfriend was working her ass off all summer so I was on my own – just me and my newly washed black Kawasaki VN900 Classic. View Larger Map I had planned […]


270KM local trip today

Elk signs are very popular among German tourists, they sometimes take them home mistaking them for free souvenirs… Those of you who read my blog regularly already know that I live in Norway and that I often ride locally in the weekends. I’ve checked my blogs’ statistics and it turns out that a lot of […]


The weather was perfect yesterday!

The sun was up and there was summer all over – time to hit the road! I went up to a place called Herefoss, about 60KM north east of Kristiansand, Norway.   Herefoss in Aust Agder, Norway   There was something on my camera lens… View Larger Map



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