Thursday, November 14, 2019

Let the good times roll


Original Battery

Spring is in the air in Norway and the motorcycles are back on the road! I bought myself a new battery today. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I suck at taking care of my battery over winter… The original that came with my VN900 was a YUASA YTX12-BS battery (12V, […]

Motorcycle problems

How to Jump Start a Motorcycle Battery From a Car

Red goes on red and black on black… Manufacturers don’t recommend attempting to jump start a motorcycle battery from a car… but when in a pinch without alternatives here’s how to do it. WARNING! I am NOT an expert. I mostly learn from reading online just like you. This is meant as a guideline only. […]

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I changed my battery today, problem solved!

I called my mechanic today about the problem with my engine not starting up despite my battery being fully charged. He told me that there are almost never anything wrong with the starter on Kawasaki motorcycles so it had to be something wrong with the battery. I changed to a new YUASA YTX12-BS battery and […]

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Let’s test the battery again!

I picked up my battery today, it was fully charged at 13V. I connected it to the bike and held my breath… YEEEESSS! The headlight lights up and so does lights on the panel. Now let’s fire up the engine  Krrrkk kkrrrkk krrrk kkkkrrkk – yikes, the same horrible horrible sound as earlier, not good. […]

Motorcycle problems

Battery problems

It’s finally spring! The sun is up, it’s a few degrees Celsius above 0 and people are getting their motorcycles on the road. It’s that great feeling that only motorcycle owners get. My Vulcan 900 has been sleeping in my garage all winter for the first time. Last year I had it wait for me […]

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