Saturday, December 15, 2018

Let the good times roll

ABS Test on Wet Surface

Awesome video that demonstrates the capabilities of ABS on motorcycles.

Cookie Monster and Elmo helmets!

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Cookie Monster and Elmo helmets![/caption] These helmets were just way too...+More

Range Rover vs. NYC Annual Street Ride…

This is the craziest video I watched all year... fast forward to 0:50 then to...+More

Long Way Down (TV-series)

[caption id="attachment_1416" align="aligncenter" width="202"] Long Way Down[/caption]   I just started watchin a 10 episode...+More

Unofficial Hand Signals

How to remove melted plastic from exhaust pipes

  Someone parked next to my bike and must have accidentally melted a plastic bag...+More
How To Do Stuff , Motorcycle problems

Trip Reports being updated

The Trip Reports page will be updated soon and I'll be adding heaps of pictures. This...+More

Augmented Reality Helmet

  First of all, I've been in Australia for almost a year, so that's why...+More
Accessories , Technology


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