Monday, October 22, 2018

Let the good times roll


Suleskarvegen in Norway

Well I know where I’m going this summer… [youtube=]    


Range Rover vs. NYC Annual Street Ride…

This is the craziest video I watched all year… fast forward to 0:50 then to 5:00.    


Trip Reports being updated

The Trip Reports page will be updated soon and I’ll be adding heaps of pictures. This is long overdue. Stay tuned! I’m rather happy with the new design – not perfect, but I’ll get around to fixing the little things later.


James Bond Skyfall: Behind The Scenes motorcycle stunts

Seen James Bond: Skyfall yet? It’s a good movie, and there’s a very impressive motorcycle scene at the very start of the movie. Here’s a YouTube video with behind the scenes clips from that scene – enjoy!


Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT Rider’s Log

Robert logs everything technical about his VN 900 Classic LT. Services and trips are logged and he’s up to 62.849KMs now. Check it out here:


Request: More Pictures!

People have requested that I post more pictures. Good point actually, as that’s my favourite part of reading other motorcycle blogs as well. So from now on I’ll post heaps more pictures from my trips around Norway and Europe! Thanks for the feedback!


YouTube Channel

I’ve created a YouTube channel! I’ll upload some videos here in the not-so-distant future, but for now there’s a playlist with some Vulcan 900 reviews and promotional videos. Enjoy!


Social media bonanza…

I guess it was just a question of time for when I had to submit and sign up for Twitter as well… ;)!/BikerThomasCOM  



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