Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Let the good times roll

It’s Time to Check The Battery

A new motorcycle season has just started in Northern Europe. It’s time to find the old battery, unhook it from the maintenance charger and see if it’s still good. Mine was perfect and my Vulcan 900 started on first try – sweet! Checking your battery is as easy as connecting the red probe to the […]

Map of European routes

European Mountain Tours

Louis, a German motorcycle shop, has put together several routes around the alps in Europe. It’s in German, but you can use Google Translate to get a feel for what they’re writing. Take a look! Louis Touren Spezial 2014 – Touren im Hochgebirge  

Owner's Manual

Free Digital Owner’s Manual

OK, so you can’t find your owner’s manual – what do you do? Sure, you could go on eBay and buy one or pay someone to send you a PDF… but screw that, here’s a link to an online version that’s totally free of charge: Free Vulcan 900 Classic Owner’s Manual   You can find […]

Road maps

Excellent road maps

I just stumbled upon an excellent collection of road maps for just about any country in the world. Have a look at this: http://www.ezilon.com/maps/  


Is It Going To Rain?

I hate riding my motorcycle when it rains… Here’s a tip for all of you who don’t wanna be bothered with checking tedious and boring weather forecasts. “Is it going to rain?” is a really simple website that lets you know if it’s going to rain in your neck of the woods today. http://goingtorain.com/


Multitool with a fork and spoon!

My family gave me an excellent little multitool that’ll be great to bring on longer rides where I’ll have to camp. It has all the standard features like a knife, corkscrew, can opener and bottle opener, but it also has a spoon and a fork which is great cause I’ll never have to bring cutlery […]

Accessories , Tools

Battery problems

It’s finally spring! The sun is up, it’s a few degrees Celsius above 0 and people are getting their motorcycles on the road. It’s that great feeling that only motorcycle owners get. My Vulcan 900 has been sleeping in my garage all winter for the first time. Last year I had it wait for me […]

Motorcycle problems , Tools

My tire pressure gauge arrived!

I ordered a solar powered digital tire pressure gauge a couple of weeks ago from Hong Kong… It doesn’t need batteries and has a built-in tool to measure tire-depth and a fancy red flashlight(!). Since I work with computers all day I simply love gadgets, so combining this with tools for my motorcycle is especially […]



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