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How to pick up a fallen motorcycle

How To Pick Up A Fallen Motorcycle

Here’s some solid advice on how to pick up a fallen motorcycle. You never know when you’re going to need it…

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How to remove melted plastic from exhaust pipes

  Someone parked next to my bike and must have accidentally melted a plastic bag or something of that kind on my pipes… It’s rock hard plastic and can’t simply be washed off the chrome. So what do we do? Well, here’s what I tried and what worked and what didn’t. I’m sure others have […]

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Tips for Long Distance Riding

Sylvia Stuurman and Ernst Anepool from Holland has put together an introduction site for people going on long distance riding. No doubt this could be useful to a lot of people. Check it out here:

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Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide

Adam Glass has written an extensive piece on how to evaluate a used motorcycle before you throw your cash at some bearded guy with sunnies.

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Converting PSI into BAR

Tire pressure tends to be something I have to read up on every now and then. I got myself a new set of tires today and it’s crucial to get to know how much air pressure there should be in them as they are a different brand than the stock tires that came with the […]

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Metzeler Tires

Metzeler’s website is great for finding out which Metzeler tires that fit your bike and model. There’s an application half way down the front page where you chose your bike and model and the set of tires that will fit your bike comes up:  

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How to Install Kuryakyn ISO Grips

Remember this post from spring 2009? Here’s another guide on how to install the Kuryakin ISO grips.

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How to Jump Start a Motorcycle Battery From a Car

Red goes on red and black on black… Manufacturers don’t recommend attempting to jump start a motorcycle battery from a car… but when in a pinch without alternatives here’s how to do it. WARNING! I am NOT an expert. I mostly learn from reading online just like you. This is meant as a guideline only. […]

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