Thursday, January 17, 2019

Let the good times roll

Arlen Ness Handlebar Grips

I just stumbled upon some more handlebar grips, this time from Arlen Ness. You have 8 different styles to choose from. They look very cool but they don’t look as comfortable as the Kuryakyn ones in my previous post. They go for $120-$150, so if these are your cup of tea, here’s a link to […]


Kuryakyn Universal Iso Grips

These grips look sooooo sweet! They are supposed to work on all Kawasaki Vulcan models. Compared to the ones that came with my VN900 these look alot better and people say they get a better grip as well. They come with “super hi-strength adhesive” so they’ll stay in place and look quite easy to install. […]


Behold… the Shark Evoline Helmet

I chose my helmet last year, it’s a Shark Evoline. It was quite hard to get hold of one and you had to pre-order them several months in advance, but I’m sure it’s going to be easier to find one this year. The main advantage of this helmet is that it’s both a half-helmet and […]


The Ultimate in Motorcycle GPS Navigation

About a year ago I bought myself a Garmin GPS for my motorcycle. It’s one of those things that you buy and then wonder how you could ever live without one. On my trip in northern Europe last summer I didn’t bring a single map! I didn’t need one! You load the latest updated maps […]



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