Thursday, March 21, 2019

Let the good times roll

Augmented Reality Helmet

  First of all, I’ve been in Australia for almost a year, so that’s why this blog has been very quiet for a while. I’ve seen some amazing motorcycle roads in Queensland and will tell you all about it sometime. Anyways, I’m back, and the bike is on the road! How cool would it be […]

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White Wall Tires

I’m in the market for a new set of tires for my Vulcan 900. I’m seriously thinking about getting some sweet white wall tires. They’re a bit harder to keep clean and pretty but they give the 900 Classic a nice vintage look which I like.   Check out this video from a guy that […]


Shark: RSI-carbon helmets

Shark has released a new helmet series called “RSI-carbon”. The helmet manufacturer are building their new series on the old RSR2-carbon series. The helmet scores 4 stars in the Sharp test (same as the Shark Evoline mentioned in a post last year). The old RSR2-carbon series gets 5 stars in the Sharp test, mind you. […]

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I Found Myself A Sponsor!

I finally found a decent sponsor. Motorcycle Superstore seems cool enough. They have all sorts of Kawasaki Vulcan parts and accessories! :) UPDATE: Using Commission Junction to find a motorcycle shop that could be my sponsor just didn’t work out. I didn’t earn a single cent… ;) That’s all right though, that’s not why I’m […]


Shark Evoline Series 2

I just got a newsletter from Shark. They’re launching their new Evoline series, appropriately called “Shark Evoline Series 2”. I have the original Evoline (read about that in this previous post) and I’m happy with it, but what’s new with this one? From the brochure it looks like they’ve upgraded the visor and the sun […]


Ledrie leathergrease rocks!

I got a can of Ledrie leathergrease with my purchase of original Kawasaki saddle bags. I didn’t use the grease the first season and didn’t think much about it until I had to clean the bags and wanted that fresh new look back. I’ve used it many times since then, actually I used it a […]


What’s a gremlin bell? And why you need one

Have you noticed that some riders have a small bell hanging off their motorcycle frame? Do you know why? That little bell is not just for decoration, it also wards off evil road spirits (gremlins). The gremlins cause all sorts of problems. Have you ever had a flat battery? It’s the gremlins! Did your head […]


Multitool with a fork and spoon!

My family gave me an excellent little multitool that’ll be great to bring on longer rides where I’ll have to camp. It has all the standard features like a knife, corkscrew, can opener and bottle opener, but it also has a spoon and a fork which is great cause I’ll never have to bring cutlery […]

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