Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let the good times roll

My Dunlop D404’s wore out and I’ve replaced them with Metzeler Me880 Marathon tires last week. The Dunlop stock tires lasted me 16.277KM… but I probably should have changed them earlier. Looking forward to seeing how the new tires perform. They give out a weird whining noise on wet roads, but are very silent on dry roads. Not sure if the whining sound will go away after a while or not, will be interesting.

The D404’s were horrible at pavement seams, even passengers found that uncomfortable. If you’re a rider, you know what I mean – that feeling of not being 100% in control because of a long seam in the road. In Norway there are a lot of seams! This is partly because of the harsh winter and partly because of the wrong type of asphalt being laid (probably cheaper and designers underestimate how cold it gets in winter). Anyways, if a set of tires can minimize bike movement due to seams in the road… count me in!

There seems to be a consensus online that you the tire pressure per inch (PSI) should be around 38-40, front and rear wheel respectfully. The Metzeler website has a very nice overview right here:

Metzeler recommends the following tire pressure for touring/cruisers with a rear tire dimension of 180/70-15 (Vulcan 900 standard):

ME880 Solo 2 Up Light 2 Up Heavy
Front 38-40 40-42 40-42
Rear 44-46 46-48 48-50





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