Thursday, August 16, 2018

Let the good times roll

Tire pressure tends to be something I have to read up on every now and then. I got myself a new set of tires today and it’s crucial to get to know how much air pressure there should be in them as they are a different brand than the stock tires that came with the bike.

In some manuals and online you’ll find that tire pressure values will be mentioned in both PSI and BAR values. Americans usually mention tire pressure in PSI and Europeans in BAR. Since most of the information I get about my Vulcan 900 is from American sources I’ve decided to use PSI when I check my tires and also for this blog as most of my readers are American – I guess you American boys and girls can’t get enough of Norwegian nature photographs! :)

PSI = Pounds per Square Inch – an imperial value used in the U.S.
BAR = European standard measurement for tire pressure

So, how do you convert PSI into BAR and vice versa? Use Google! Google is awesome at converting stuff like this. It’s even a calculator and an exchange rate converter as well!

Go to and type for example “32psi in bar” – voila! You get an answer. That’s pretty neat!

PSI to BAR converter

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