Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Metzeler tire

Metzeler ME880


More of a reminder to myself and for general information to anyone interested than anything else. I will not go good for any of the information below, you should check with your mechanic before you go buying a set of new tires.


Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic:

Front Tire Size: 130/90-16

Rear Tire Size: 180/70-15


Examples of tires that could fit my bike:

Metzeler ME880 Marathon Front 130/90-16 TL 67H M/C, front
Metzeler ME880 Marathon MBS 180/70B15 TL 76H M/C, rear

Dunlop D404 FP 130/90-16 TT 67H M/C, front
Dunlop D404 180/70-15 TT 76H M/C, rear

Bridgestone G721 130/90-16 TL 67H, front
Bridgestone G702 180/70-15 TL 76H M/C, rear

Bridgestone G721 G LW 130/90-16 TT 67H WW, front (whitewall)
Bridgestone G722 G 180/70-15 TT 76H WW, M/C, rear (whitewall)

The whitewalls above can be bought online from a shop in Erlensee, Germany (close to Frankfurt) for €309,90 per set:

Pirelli T66 Front 130/90-16 TL 67H, front
Pirelli T66 180/70-15 TL 76H M/C , rear

Night Dragon 130/90 B 16 M/C 67H TL, front
Night Dragon 180/70B15 TL 76H M/C, rear

Avon AV71 Cobra MT90B16 RF TL 74H Front
Avon AM42 Venom 200/70-15 TL 82H, rear

The bike comes with Dunlop as stock tires, but several “experts” on motorcycle forums on the Internet recommends the Bridgestone and Metzeler tires.


The front tire on the VN900 custom is naturally a very different dimension.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom:

Front Tire Size: 80/90-21

Rear Tire Size: 180/70-15


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