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Let the good times roll

Friday 30th of July 2010





Waking up in the morning I know I have a long drive home and a hard day at work the day after… There was one more thing I had to stop and see though; on my way to Hardanger, just before the city of Odda, I had driven past a cool looking twin-waterfall called Låtefossen. I had a stop, took some pictures and drove home.

The total height of Låtefossen is 165 metres and is a well known tourist attraction in the area. It consists of two separate streams originating from a water above it called Låtevatnet. The waterfall was a popular tourist attraction for English and German tourists in the old days and there used to be a hotel just next to the waterfall. Tourists back then traveled by horse to see this twin-waterfall – today we use iron horses, haha! Just south of the waterfall there’s a “hidden” path up to where the hotel used to be and you can get a fantastic view of the waterfall that not too many tourists know about.


Låtefossen and the bridge beneath, watch out for tourists...


This photo is taken from where the hotel used to be!


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