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jump start cablesRed goes on red and black on black…

Manufacturers don’t recommend attempting to jump start a motorcycle battery from a car… but when in a pinch without alternatives here’s how to do it.

WARNING! I am NOT an expert. I mostly learn from reading online just like you. This is meant as a guideline only. Please do contact a certified motorcycle mechanic if you do not know what you’re doing…

Car batteries usually pack more power (ampere) than a motorcycle battery, so be careful! …and stomp out that cigarette before starting! On the bright side, newer 12-volt systems can usually be jump started with a 12-volt car battery without any help from the car’s engine with little risk of ruining your motorcycle or battery.


Take the keys out of both vehicles. Make sure the car does not touch the motorcycle. Leave the car turned off until you are finished jump starting the motorcycle and have disconnected the jumper cables. Failing to do so may result in an overload on the motorcycle’s electrical system.


Remove any protective caps that cover the battery terminals. Connect the RED jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal of the dead motorcycle battery. Keep the red jumpers away from any other area of your bike at all times (especially if you try to hook the red cables with the car battery first as this could send an electrical charge through your bike and do damage to the electrical components – which surely sucks bigtime!).


Connect the other end of the RED cable to the positive (+) terminal on the battery of the car.


All right, so now you got red on red right? Good! Now go ahead and connect the BLACK (negative) jumper to the negative (-) terminal of the car’s battery. Again, make sure you don’t fiddle around with the clamp and accidentally touch the positive clamp with it or something, you want to keep these apart at all times.


Now go ahead and connect the BLACK (negative) jumper to the motorcycle frame and away from the battery. (You don’t connect the negative jumper to the negative (-) terminal of your motorcycle battery because that increases the risk of damaging your battery).


Double check! red on red and black on black, right?


Leave the car off. Start the motorcycle.

HINT! If you at this point is actually hooking up your motorcycle battery to another motorcycle battery instead of a car battery, you should actually turn on the motorcycle with the good battery first and then turn on the motorcycle with the bad battery last.

If the battery’s not entirely flat, the motorcycle should now start. Leave the motor running for a few minutes to warm up the engine.


Disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order you connected them.Make sure the clamps don’t touch metal in the process.

– Disconnect the negative lead (BLACK) from motorcycle
– Disconnect the other negative lead (BLACK) from the car battery
– Disconnect the positive clamp lead (RED) from the car battery
– Disconnect the other positive lead (RED) from the motorcycle battery

DO NOT turn off the motorcycle engine – or you’ll have to do the entire process all over again. Leave the motor running until you’re ready to drive home or to the mechanic to properly recharge or replace your battery. Ride your bike on high revs for the first few minutes.

That’s it! Pretty easy when you know what to do, huh?

Please do comment if you feel that the instructions are wrong or needs improvement in any way. Oh, and also, if you found these instructions helpful, please do tell your story in the comments field or sign my guestbook …or send me an email.



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