Friday, August 17, 2018

Let the good times roll

Me in front of Preikestolen with my tiny Kawasaki Vulcan 750!

Preikestolen is said to be the result of icebergs melting about 10.000 years ago. It’s a famous Norwegian tourist attraction and more than 130.000 tourists visit this cliff every year.

Me and my girlfriend took the trip, for the first time,  last Friday. I didn’t ride my motorcycle this time, so it’s a bit unusual to blog about a car trip (cage- trip), but this is such a famous attraction that not mention it here on this blog would be letting you out on something spectacular.

You can’t drive/ride all the way to Preikestolen. You have to park 334 metres below and walk 1-2 hours uphill to reach it. It’s quite a tough climb, but we saw Italian and Russian tourists taking on the hike in their thongs (as in sandals, not as in something you would wear in Brazil) and some even in clogs(!). Please, if you’re going to Prekestolen, bring good footwear! There will be steep hills, rocks, mud, water – oh and not to mention a 604 meters above sea-level cliff on your trip.

I’m told that the view from the top of the cliff is absolutely amazing, but we climbed the hill on a rainy day with a lot of haze, so we didn’t see the view from the top, but we did see the amazing cliff itself which was well worth the trip – it really is hard to explain the feeling of seeing this cliff in real life (and you thought it looked amazing in the photos, hah!). Definitely a “must-do” in anyone’s book.

preikestolen1 preikestolen3
Preikestolen (left), My über awesome Vulcan 750 die-cast  – the only MC on top of Preikestolen! (right)

preikestolen4 preikestolen6
Crazy tourists sitting on the edge (left), The horizon on the way down (right)

preikestolen5  preikestolen7
Nice view! (left), The rocky trail on the way down (right)


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