Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let the good times roll

Me next to Per Morten’s Honda CBR 600F, boy is that different to mine! :)

The weather was perfect last Sunday, not taking the bike out for a spin would be a shame! I was called up by an old friend from school and we hit the road together. He’s a proud owner of a Honda CBR 600F, quite a beauty! We switched bikes for a few kilometers and boy was it a different feeling riding that sort of a bike after riding a cruiser for 3 years. You can’t really say that riding one or the other is a better feeling as the experiences of riding these two bikes are totally different. One is built for speed and the other is built for cruising. Each for their own particular use I guess, but we rode 209 kilometres together and it was a lot of fun. Definitely something to repeat sometime soon.

We ended up stopping at a small town called Evje. If you’re ever up there be sure to grab a burger at the local fast food joint! It’s a small town, you’ll find the one I’m talking about :)

Per Morten on my Kawasaki VN900 Classic Kawasaki VN900 classic next to Honda 600F 
Per Morten on my bike (left), My Kawasaki VN900 Classic next to a Honda CBR 600F (right)


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