Sunday, July 22, 2018

Let the good times roll

Shark RSI-carbon helmet

Shark has released a new helmet series called “RSI-carbon”. The helmet manufacturer are building their new series on the old RSR2-carbon series. The helmet scores 4 stars in the Sharp test (same as the Shark Evoline mentioned in a post last year). The old RSR2-carbon series gets 5 stars in the Sharp test, mind you. Shark promotes its’ new helmet series as an ultra light option where the helmet is  made up of 35% carbon fibers, 35% epoxy resin, 15% aramid fibers and 15% multi axial fibers. The weight is from 1290g to 1360g, depending on the size you need I guess.

The RSI-carbon helmets come in 4 different colours; black, orange, red and white.



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