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Let the good times roll

Wednesday 6th of August 2008


I didn’t see any thieves last night, and the weather was great! Time to visit the little mermaid! The little mermaid is a statue very popular with tourists. I didn’t bother with paying for parking this time, I just parked at a random place close to the statue, I mean c’mon the bike takes about half the space of a baby carriage!

It was time to start on my long journey back home to Norway. I rode to Odden and waited for a ferry to Århus. The ferry company was Mols Linien and the ferry was named Mie Mols, a nice fast ferry that did the trip in 65 minutes.

I remember that my mobile phone stopped working (I punched the wrong PIN three times – and being out of cash – not a good situation to be in! Thank God for Visa :) Always bring a debit/credit card when travelling!

When disembarking the boat in Århus the straps that I had to put on my bike to keep it from falling over and sliding all over the place didn’t want to come off – once again the knife I brought was really helpful! I figured the ferry company didn’t mind losing a strap as it’s a hell of a lot more expensive to burn an extra 5 minutes of fuel waiting for me to get off (I used to work for a ferry company and fuel is darn expensive!).

Århus to Hirtshals is only 187 KM. From here I took the same boat home as I did on the first day of my trip. Color Line’s SuperSpeed does the stretch in 3,5 hours.

I’m home and a whole lot wiser and my head full of experiences and stories. Riding through Europe is awesome! I’m already planning my next trip and fantasizing about where to go and what to experience. Maybe I should ride over the Alps to Italy, then to Spain and France or maybe all the way to Athens in Greece? I’ve heard Scotland is awesome! What about you, where are you going? The world is full of opportunities – have a good journey! :)

copenhagen copenhagen2
Copenhagen (left), The little mermaid (right)

 denmark molslinien
On ,my way to Odden (left), Mie Mols fast ferry (right)

A crap attempt at a panorama picture, oh well, it’ll be better next time!


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