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Let the good times roll

Monday 4th of August 2008

I wake up in Hamburg once again. There is the usual bad weather… I decide to ride to Copenhagen in Denmark.

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When leaving Germany I decided to take a ferry to Rødby on the Island of Lolland in Denmark. The ferry is run by Scandlines and is named FS Deutchland. The ferry took 45 minutes to get to Rødby. This was a good opportunity for me to recharge the battery on my laptop and I found an electric outlet that I think is supposed to be used with vacuum cleaners – funny how you really get to appreciate the little things when you’re out camping. The sea was a bit rough, the waves were quite big and I was a little bit worried about my motorcycle. It turned out not to be a problem though as I had strapped it to the deck quite well.

When riding onboard ferries motorcycles often get on first and also disembark first – which is great! After riding for a while I got to a really long queue and it started to really pour down and the wind was trying to push everyone off the road… *note to myself: buy waterproof gloves!* I soooo wanted to just split lanes and ride past everyone but there was a police car right in front of me and I wasn’t sure if splitting lanes is legal in Denmark. Do you know if this is legal? Please do comment at the end of this article if you know.

I arrived at my destination, camp Hundinge Strand just south of Copenhagen City. The camp wasn’t something you write home about but it was alright and I was only going to stay there for one night. The price per night was 110 Danish crowns which is about US $22. Now, this must sound ridiculously expensive if you’re American, but the dollar about halved its’ value towards Scandinavian currencies during the Bush administration so in Northern Europe these prices are normal.

Sorry boys and girls – I didn’t take any pictures this day, but I did the next day so come back and read the next part of my journey in a couple of days ;)


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