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Let the good times roll

Sunday 3rd of August 2008

The 32 km long Afsluitdijk is awesome!

It was Sunday morning and I checked out of Camp Zeeburg at 11.30am. I wasn’t sure where to go next. The rain was pouring down and there were dark clouds everywhere. I thought about going with the original plan and ride to Antwerpen and Brügge in Belgium but I was tired of all the rain and decided to start my ride back home, but this time I would ride through North Holland and ride on the Zuiderzee works.

The 32 km long Afsluitdijk separates the IJsselmeer from the North Sea, protecting thousands of km² of land. The dam is quite impressive and as a result of building it Holland has actually expanded their landmass as water in the IJsselmeer has been pumped out in the North Sea and land has risen from the sea!

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While paying for my petrol at a petrol station in Bremen there was a German guy running towards me, pointing at my bike and asking me “Is that you’re Harley!?”, “Umm, well yes… that’s my bike” I replied as I didn’t care to explain that it was a Kawasaki… and he seemed very worried that that there were leaking petrol underneath of the bike. I freaked out a bit myself as I hadn’t seen this happen before. A quick call to my local mechanic and he could assure me that this was only because I had filled my tank to the absolute maximum and that it was perfectly normal for the bike to get rid of some excess fuel and told me to fill a little bit less next time… I remember thinking that this was one of those moments where I wish I had learned a few German phrases like “Where is the closest mechanic?”. (Note for future trips through Germany: "Wo ist der nächste Mechaniker?").

I finally arrived back in Hamburg and stayed at the same camping site that I stayed at a few days back (Campingplatz Schnelsen-Nord). The hot shower that night felt greeeeat! And the weather is much better in Germany, things are looking up. So far on this trip I had left behind 1768 kilometres.

zuiderdijk1  map
My bike at the Zuiderzee works (left), A map of the area (right)

My über-cozy tent from the inside…

Make sure you bookmark so that you can come back and read about the rest of the trip. Day 9 of the trip will be out real soon!


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