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Let the good times roll

Saturday 2nd of August 2008

I’m still at Camp Zeeburg and it was very hot this morning and some scattered clouds. I decided to ride towards Hague to visit Corpus -  a science centre based on the human body. Riding towards Hague is an experience in itself! Holland’s main airport, Schipol, is situated between Amsterdam and Hague and you get to ride straight through it! There are large jumbo jets on both sides of the road that you’re riding on and there are also planes landing and taking off right above your head! How cool is that!? This was definitely the highlight of my day.

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There was a queue to get into Corpus and I had to wait 1 hour. So if you’re going, you should probably book in advance to avoid the wait. The tour is partly guided and you get a headset that tells you all sorts of fun facts about the human body, in fact the whole tour is built as if you were walking through a huge person… you walk through his body, listen to his heart and walk inside his ear and so forth – no doubt probably very popular with schools. I guess it’s fun if you’re a bit younger… I myself found it a bit boring and the price was a bit high at €16,50 + €5 parking.

Camp Zeeburg did have deposit boxes where you can store your valuables like your camera or computer. It’s free and you only have to pay a €20 deposit – well worth the effort instead of leaving them in your tent or in your saddle bags or some other stupid place, and carrying them around everywhere is hassle.

It started raining in the afternoon and I started to get a bit fed up by all the bad weather as I wanted to ride towards Brügge in Belgium. I went to bed early and hoped for better weather in the morning.

corpus corpus2
Corpus – Reis der mens (left), What you taste where on your tongue (right)

Another poster showing some statistics about teeth.


Make sure you bookmark so that you can come back and read about the rest of the trip. Day 8 of the trip will be out real soon!


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