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Let the good times roll

Wednesday 30th of July 2008

This Wednesday started with rain, so there I was in Hamburg planning on riding 363KM to Amsterdam in jeans… not a good combo! I wish I had brought some proper waterproof pants. I wanted to check the weather forecast online but there was no Internet connection at the camping site. I decided to ride no matter what but I waited a while just to see if the weather could clear up a little bit. And guess what, at 10am my prayers had been heard and the skies cleared up, once again I started riding with a big smile on my face! :)

Now that’s what a real biker looks like, haha! :)

Riding on the Autobahn was boring… *reminder to myself: find some alternative routes next time!*. It was efficient though, and there were few traffic jams, whenever the traffic stopped I just annoyed the shit out of cagers by splitting lanes.

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I arrived at Camping Zeeburg in Amsterdam at 5.30pm. They charged me €13,50 (US $19) per night for me, my tent and my motorcycle. My immediate impression of Camping Zeeburg was that there were alot more younger people at this camp than in Hamburg. There was a hippie-feeling about the whole place, there were even goats and other animals on the camp! You could rent bicycles on the camp which is a good idea as walking to the city centre would turn out to take about 1 hour. There were also canoes for rent, which looked really cool since Zeeburg is really an island. There were also an Internet café and hot showers that cost €1 for 10 minutes. In addition there were a couple of washing machines and a dryer that you could use for a couple of euros or so.

slug farm
A German slug had been living beneath my tent… (left), Camp Zeeburg had a little farm (right)

sheep goat
There were sheep (left), …and goats (right, in case you can’t tell)

Camp Zeeburg in Amstedam, Holland

Make sure you bookmark so that you can come back and read about the rest of the trip. Day 5 of the trip will be out real soon!


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