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Let the good times roll

Tuesday 29th of July 2008

On my way to Hamburg city centre.

The weather was good this day and it was 32 degrees Celcius. It was time to check out Hamburg.

Once again, I stopped at Haupfbahnhof Nord. The first thing that hit me was that there were kebab-shops fuckin’ everywhere! Not that kebabs aren’t tasty, but I remember thinking “is this all they eat here?”.

I went further to the centre of the city and discovered there was a tivoli in the middle of town and the ferris wheel turned out to be a great way to see the city from above! I could spot places that I wanted to go and check out later  and it was an opportunity to take bird-eye photos. As you’d expect when in Germany, there was a beergarden in the middle of the tivoli. There were also restaurants serving great snacks like “kartoffellecken mit bier” for €4,80 (US $6), which is basically potato wedges with dip and beer which tastes great!

The infamous Reperbahn is a street with shabby erotic shops and strip clubs. I didn’t visit it during night time but I walked through it during the day and damn it looked dodgy… not pleasant at all. It’s one of those street names you hear everywhere and are told that you have to go and see. This was just silly though, and strangely enough you feel kinda dirty just walking through it.

Safely back at the camping site some heavy metal fans where pitching their tents next to mine. They were on their way to Wacken Open Air Festival which is like the largest metal festival in Europe or something like that. They had the classic long black hair, black t-shirt, black shoes, black jeans, devil worshipper-look… but they turned out to be great guys and we had alot to talk about including their fascination for church-burning and good metal. Turns out you don’t have to have the same opinions to have a great chat with some great young chaps from England.

By now I’ve had the chance to taste several different German beers. König pilsener tasted just like any other beer, nothing special, quite boring actually. The local Flensburger pilsener was OK. Warsteiner is also fairly ordinary and Jever Pils tastes like what alcoholics buy because it’s cheap… Duckstein Weizen was a good weissbier and really the only one so far on this trip that I can recommend.

hamburg2 hamburg3
Hamburg City (left), Hamburg city railroad (right)

tivoli beer hamburg4
Tivoli (left), German beer (middle), Hamburg city (right)

Kartoffellecken mit bier, great snacks!

Make sure you bookmark so that you can come back and read about the rest of the trip. Day 4 of the trip will be out real soon!


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