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Let the good times roll

Monday 28th of July 2008

It was a bit windy when I woke up in the morning. Lærkelunden camping had excellent sanitary facilities so I took a hot shower. Wireless Internet access was available for 30 Danish crowns (US $6) for an hour or you could pay 50 crowns (US $10) for 12 hour access. This was great for checking the weather forecast :) There was also a pool room with electrical outlets where I could charge my mobile phone.

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After packing my tent I was ready to ride past the border to Hamburg in Germany. While packing, an older gentleman from Germany stopped next to the bike and admired it, “Wünderschön” he kept saying, haha :) I think I smiled all the way to Hamburg that day.

I arrived at Campingplatz Schnelsen-Nord, just north of Hamburg. This camping ground was very different from the one in Denmark. In Denmark I had to struggle to find a good spot to pitch my tent, but here all the spots where marked with numbers and I had my very own 20 square metres or so. And the ground was flat, which is a good thing! In Denmark I was sleeping in a slight downhill which isn’t very comfortable…

I parked my bike, pitched my tent and decided to go and eat dinner in Hamburg City. The staff at Campingplatz Schnelsen-Nord were very friendly and explained how to get to the city by bus and train. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here’s the route:

Take bus 191 to Niendorf-markt then take subway-train U2 to Hauptbahnhof Nord in central Hamburg.

The subway is dirty and there were rats around… oh well, it’s all part of travelling!

I had some nice pasta in the city and went back to my tent. There was a guard outside the entrance to the camping site and you have to show him your receipt to gain access. This is actually quite good, and I guess this will be a more common practice everywhere since some of the camping sites around Europe have had thieves stealing from peoples camping vans.

Staying at Campingplatz Schnelsen-Nord totalled at €17,40 per night (US $25). I paid €7,40 for pitching my tent, €7 per person staying and €3 for the motorcycle. I also had to pay a €10 deposit for a key to the WC…

campingplatzschnelsennord openinghours
The entrance to Campingplatz Schnelsen-Nord (left), Opening hours (right)

campingplatzschnelsennord2 goodmorning
Lots of space for my tent and bike (left), Me tired, hungry and looking like shit after a long ride (right)

Make sure you bookmark so that you can come back and read about the rest of the trip. Day 3 of the trip will be out real soon!


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