Sunday, November 18, 2018

Let the good times roll

Ledrie leathergrease

I got a can of Ledrie leathergrease with my purchase of original Kawasaki saddle bags. I didn’t use the grease the first season and didn’t think much about it until I had to clean the bags and wanted that fresh new look back. I’ve used it many times since then, actually I used it a couple of days ago when I was cleaning and waxing my bike. I just have to say – IT’S REALLY GOOD!

The bags look super clean and get a darker, and more vibrant, colour after using the leathergrease on them. While you’re at it, use the grease on the stock seat as well, it looks great!

I did a search on Ledrie, and it turns out it’s a Dutch company with dealers all of the world. To find your dealer, go to this website:


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