Sunday, May 27, 2018

Let the good times roll

Elk signs are everywhere, you don't want one of those stuck to your visor...
Elk signs are very popular among German tourists, they sometimes take them home mistaking them for free souvenirs…

Those of you who read my blog regularly already know that I live in Norway and that I often ride locally in the weekends. I’ve checked my blogs’ statistics and it turns out that a lot of you readers are American and some of the feedback I’ve gotten from you is that you like the landscape/nature pictures because it’s different from what you have at home, so I’ll keep on posting photos of the Norwegian nature :)

It’s middle of summer in Scandinavia and it’s quite warm during the day, but when the night comes it’s often cold to ride, so it’s useful to bring an extra sweater and some warm gloves for when the sun goes down. Just trust me and my frozen fingers on this one!

The aim of today’s trip was to see my family’s cabin in the inland, I drove E18 from my home town Kristiansand to Arendal, this is the main road around Norway so it’s quite boring. On the way back home I took the inland road which is a lot more interesting, heaps of neck-breaking turns, roads that look like they’ve been hit by a herd of Tyrannosaurus Rexes… and farms with cattle, sheep and horses. Look out for the local rev-heads/petrol heads – they’re driving like lunatics.

All in all though, a fine trip!

One of many lakes in Vegårshei Confused cattle
Vegårshei (left), Moo-moos (right). The cows were rather disturbed by the engine noise, all of them stopped eating and looked at me as if they were going to gang up on me and eat me and my bike instead…

Toudalsåna Toudalsåna
Toudalsåna (left & right)

My bike striking a pose at Toudalsåna
My bike at Toudalsåna late in the evening.


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