Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Let the good times roll

Tower of Ayia
Parked outside the Tower of Ayia, Naxos

I’m on holiday on Naxos, the largest island in The Cyclades which is part of Greece. Me and my girlfriend hired a 250cc quad bike (Kymco MXU if that tells the enthusiasts anything) and drove around the island, it was great!

“Fun Car” at the docks rent out bikes at €20 per day, helmets included.

We drove from Naxos City (also called Chora) to Apollonas at the north of the island and then headed south to Mesi, Aperanthos and Chalki before heading back to Naxos City. There are a lot of nice beaches to see. We stopped at Agias Tower which is a defense tower from when the Venetians ruled the island. We also stopped at a local pottery where my girlfriend went nuts and bought lots of local crafts from two elderly women (one which I’m sure was half-crazy, she became angry at us for not eating more than a few of her peaches…). They were crafty though, the pots and stuff that we bought were quite nice.

The quad bike handled all right, but I have a feeling that it likes dirt roads better than the paved roads that I drove on. I’ve driven a quad once before, many years ago on a farm in Australia, and it’s a whole different experience. South of Naxos city towards Mikri Vigla there are lots of dirt roads next to the beach so if you’re ever around this neck of the woods a quad bike is definitely what you should go for, not a 125cc scooter!

Enjoy the pictures, the surroundings were spectacular!

Nice terrain Naxos City Chora
Nice terrain (left), Naxos City/Chora (right)

Sphinx in Chora on Naxos my girlfriend
Sphinx (left), My girlfriend looking fine in a helmet :) (right)

apollon temple
Leftovers of Apollon Temple in Chora and a giant version of BikerThomas trying to move it…

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