Sunday, February 17, 2019

Let the good times roll

Have you noticed that some riders have a small bell hanging off their motorcycle frame? Do you know why?

That little bell is not just for decoration, it also wards off evil road spirits (gremlins). The gremlins cause all sorts of problems. Have you ever had a flat battery? It’s the gremlins! Did your head lamp stop working for no reason or are you having trouble with shifting gears smoothly? It’s those darn gremlins and according to legend you’ll have to have a gremlin bell to protect you against these evil little bastard…

Apparently gremlins hate the ringing sound of the bell and will go crazy and let their grip off your motorcycle and fall to the roadway.

Most riders believe that the bell only works if it is given to you as a gift, therefore riders buy bells for each other. The saying is that if given to a biker from another biker the bells protective powers are amplified.  Actually, there are forums online where people exchange bells! I don’t have one myself, but I know what I want for my birthday :)

Read more about gremlin bells here:’s_bell

angelbell ladybell
Bells come in many variants, some are even made in silver and some are for lady riders.

bulldogbell jackbell
Cool bulldog bell and a skull and bones bell.


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