Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let the good times roll


I had my first ride of the year yesterday. I drove the coastal road from Kristiansand to Tregde in Norway. It’s a short drive, about 90KM to and back, but it was very nice and perfect for practicing my riding skills which are a bit rusty since I haven’t been riding since October.

Before riding, I had to pump up the tire pressure a bit. The stock tires are Dunlop and they recommend a PSI value of 34 on the front wheel and 38 on the rear wheel (40 for heavy loads). Mine had deflated to 23 and 27 front/rear respectively so I inflated them to recommended tire pressure and I was on my way!

About half-way I was surprised by a gravel road; I had to drive really carefully. Good thing it was a sunny day, if the dirt had been wet it would have been near impossible to drive on it. I don’t have a picture of that road but I’ll remember to take one next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

I did see a few hazards on the road which should be a reminder to all of us to be very observant when riding. I saw a plastic bottle in the middle of the road, slippery manure all over parts of one road, a huge sign warning everyone of a recent oil spill on the highway and several pot holes on some of the older roads.

All in all an excellent trip and beautiful weather! :)

tregde4 tregde3

tregde2 tregde5

Lysfjorden in Søgne

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